My Thoughts…


On Music

You can’t grow as a musician unless you grow as a person.

First learn the structure and then you can deviate from the form.

Feeling deeply is a blessing and a curse.

Music expresses what words cannot.

Sometimes the most mentally challenged individuals are the most alive.

One of the best things about music is that you can express everything that you are and not say a word.

Only play music because you love it and you’ll never be bitter.

Music is the one thing I can love without fear.

On Performing

Care a little less. It frees you up. No ego. It should only be about the music.

You’re doing the best you can for where you’re at.

Ellen Ritscher

If you’re prepared, there’s no reason to be nervous.

David Steffens

You can only convince others when you believe it yourself.

On Originality

Play YOUR music, not the notes. Sing through the music everything that you are.

On Self Worth

Don’t abuse yourself. You’re a gift to the world if you believe it.

On Creativity

Let it happen. Nothing inspired is forced.

On Orchestral Playing

Listen to where the beat is and reinforce it. Don’t create a new one.

On Practicing

Quiet your mind. Go through the motions. Observe your mistakes, but never judge

50% is in the head the other 50% is in the body. Sometimes the process is difficult and tedious, but don’t cut corners. The highest art deserves that.

On Teaching

My hope is that all my students surpass me.

People are wonderful and complicated with all different road maps.

One of the greatest observations of a teacher is a student’s well-earned success.

It can be a powerful position. Be careful with your words.

What we need is often what we push away.

On Learning

Leave your ego out of it. Only the humble are open to learn.

How soon we breast the tape that we realize the joy was in the running.

Mother Teresa

Stupid and stubborn both start with the same 3 letters.

Alice Chalifoux

Be a team player. Help the whole group shine. Play out when it’s your turn and get out of the way when it’s not.

On Perfectionism

Accept that people will never be perfect. Only art has that ability and even that is subjective.

On Competition

Learn from others. Only compete with yourself. We all have enough weaknesses to last a lifetime.

On Stubbornness

Good and bad. Good – You can outlast the rest. Bad – The end result can often take much longer.

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