Private Lessons


I have been the Harp Professor at the University of Oklahoma since 1998. If interested in our program, please visit for more information.

I enjoy teaching and was blessed with wonderful teachers like Ellen Ritscher, Susan Pejovich, Lucile Lawrence and Alice Chalifoux. They were passionate about the Salzedo method which I fully embrace.Teaching harp since 1994 has led me to believe the best students come with a strong piano background. Playing the harp has many technical demands, but if you can already read music, including both clefs together, and have independent hand coordination, then you’ll succeed much faster.

After 14 years of piano, I started harp at age 20 and earned two harp degrees. I’m still working as a professional harpist, so anything is possible depending on how dedicated you are to learning this beautiful instrument.


$50 per hour
Prefer ages 9 – college students

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